Sustainable development by
turning waste and problems
into an attractive product.

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Nordic Green Recycling (NGR), based in Mustasaari, Ostrobothnia, is a developing a ground-breaking business model to treat and refine what in many respects would be labelled as waste. At our terminal in Vassor you can dispose of all kinds of waste material such as gravel, concrete, wood and stone. These residuals are sorted, treated, and if necessary, crushed and sieved. Depending on the desired end product, the material is further processed. Our terminal is not the final destination for materials and waste – quite the contrary. It is a centre point that connects and integrates recycling in the circular process.

Our target is to produce a new attractive product that has a social benefit with minimal environmental impact, both for the seller and the buyer. We position ourselves as part of the green transition that we see inevitable for the construction sector and industry. The company is led by CEO Tobias Hästbacka and the first terminal will be built in autumn 2022 in Vassor. Nordic Green Recycling is committed to gradually creating a unique business model within the Nordic region.



– Recycling station for building materials

The terminal is a collection point and a center for materials to be recycled. Incoming material is sorted and, if necessary, crushed and sifted, after which it is further processed or delivered for refining. The terminal is not the final destination for materials and waste, on the contrary. It is a center point that connects recycling and the circular process.

NGR strives to become an emission-free terminal, which means that e.g. the machines that are on site in the future will be electrically powered. The work concerning emission-free production also includes energy supply and efficiency, which are important parts of the terminal function.

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