Hästbacka: it took off faster than I dared to believe.

In a time when environmental challenges are becoming increasingly pressing, it’s important to see opportunities in the problems we face. One of these opportunities is to start companies that contribute to a sustainable future. That’s what NGR’s CEO Tobias Hästbacka thought when he started a company in 2020 that dared to believe in tomorrow. It turned out that Hästbacka was right on target.

I knew that the industry and construction sector needed a circular mindset as the green transition was knocking on the door. And we, the Ostrobothnians, are accustomed to thinking creatively and having the courage to start something new. Perhaps that’s why the first terminal was also built in Kuni, Korsholm.

Nordic Green Recycling is not just a company. It consists of a vision to transform waste into resources, a change that will shape our society significantly. With a focus on circular economy and recycling, NGR aims to reduce environmental impact and create a better future for all of us. Proper product management can actually contribute to societal benefit.

Waste management is one of the biggest challenges we face today, says Hästbacka. With increasing amounts of waste worldwide, it is crucial to find innovative solutions.

By engaging in treating and transforming waste into new resources, we create opportunities for a cleaner and greener future.

Hästbacka had no easy task when he started shaping the company with the first board members. The support from both Korsholm municipality and VASEK was very important.

We must look beyond traditional business models and dare to think big. It also requires us to work together to achieve a better world. Our first terminal was completed in the fall of 2023, and concretely, we can now utilize resources in a new way.

The terminal is a collection point and hub for materials to be recycled. The material is sorted, and as needed, crushing and screening take place – it is further processed and moves on in the process. The terminal is not a final destination for materials and waste – on the contrary. It is a hub that connects recycling and the circular process.

As entrepreneurs and citizens, we have the opportunity to influence and change the world. You create a movement, an opportunity, and a sustainable future.