Waasa Energy Week – the importance of networking

EnergyWeek is an annual event that attracts energy industry experts from around the world to Vaasa to network and hear about the latest news and most interesting innovations in the field. In March, NGR participated in Waasa Energy Week for the first time, where the goal is to bring together knowledge, inspiration, and future perspectives in the energy industry. NGR’s team had the opportunity to meet with other entrepreneurs and discuss the development of their own industry, and Tobias Hästbacka is pleased with the company’s participation. 

For a recycling-based company, it is important to meet other stakeholders both from Finland and from around the world – in Europe, interest in the circular economy has grown, especially in the construction and industrial sectors. In the construction sector, the circular economy is particularly important because it accounts for a large portion of Europe’s waste and resource consumption, says Tobias.

Promoting the reuse of recycled materials also contributes to the overall Green Deal program. These are also issues that will be on the agenda in Europe in the coming years, and NGR also hopes that the EU elections will raise awareness of them.

To be at the forefront of our industry, we need to be able to influence and know about the changes that are coming, which requires insight, networks and new influences.

Participation in  industry discussions also requires access to networks and meeting places. During its short existence, NGR has grown from one to eight owners, which has required networking and background work. It has also produced results. NGR’s business model is based on a broad and upcoming Nordic concept, where the company is intended to act as a pilot model for others in the industry. 

Networking and community play a crucial role in people’s lives and societies in many different ways. So does our company. This is the foundation for stability and promotes cooperation, support, and solidarity at various levels.

By being part of a network and community, we can also share resources such as knowledge and expertise. This can be crucial in solving many challenges, says Tobias.